Colgando en tus manos

June 26, 2011


Found this song on youtube randomly. And I’m so in love with this song now. Love the choreography of the music video. Classic ambient, traveling on the old model car, affair between a driver and his employee, and even dancing on the theater stage at the end. Do i need to explain more..Te Quiero Carlos! […]

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Red Lips

June 24, 2011


There is always t something about Red Lips to me. Although i can never wear one. But  but I do like the classic red lip. And i strongly believe every woman NEEDS a killer red lipstick!  (at least try).  ^^ Here are my fave celebrities who pull off a red pout time and time again. […]

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June 23, 2011


Just thought of sharing with y’all a sets of stunning photo shoot done by Natalia Kills. Currently was obsessed with her style. Personally think her stylist and photographer had done a fantastic job on her. Love her Killing look to death. x  

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Personalised your LV!!

July 28, 2010


Have anyone checout the Lastest Louis Vuitton Mon Monogram where you can personalised your LV bag with your own initial and even design the colour pattern to be apply on. It is really cool. I always love theirs Speedy bag Collection. Herewith the 2 option of speedy that i customised for myself. Its a Pink/ light […]

Walerio Araujo Rocksss!!

July 24, 2010


I’m so heart this guy’s design. He manage to bring out the FUN , PLAYFULNESS and CRAZYNESS in fashion line. Below is the very COLORFULcollection for Spring/Summer 2011. Clearly inspired by a carnival theme, we are smitten with the bodysuits, rompers and of course  the pink ruffle pants!!  

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Designer Nails!!

July 24, 2010


Nail stylist Sophy Robson recently put together a set of designer nails for Elle Collections magazine, which will be out later this summer. I’m officially speechless.

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What is LOVE?

July 23, 2010


I wish that without me your heart would break I wish that without me you’d be spending the rest of your nights awake I wish that without me you couldn’t eat I wish I was the last thing on your mind before you went to sleep

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